I feel like I have a lot to say about my game lately, because I can see that it *is* coming back.  I’m running more balls than I have been, I’ve ran out a few times when I should have… I feel like I’m about to get back where I was in July.  It’s a great feeling.  But, my day-job is ending in 10 days and I’m just too busy with job-searching to really spend too much time on AZB or reading the blogosphere unfortunately.  Nor do I have the time (or attention span) to really lay out my game analysis.  So, here’s some videos that get rendered and processed while I’m at work or sleeping. heh

Who Want’s a Montage!!

A pretty nice out, if I do say so myself (after a poor break).

Here we have three sets with me and a pool buddy. Each is a race to 9. Here’s set 1 (6-9) which I totally fall apart after the halfway point. Then I make a monster comeback in Set 2. Finally, set 3 was a close one, but I edge it out to in 9-7.

I’m currently rendering another race to 9 with Josh of Treadway Cues wherein we literally close the place down.

OH!! Speaking of, I will very soon (about 6 weeks now) have my very own and very first custom cue, courtesy of Treadway Cues. I am stupid excited by this. 🙂