This coming Friday, my 9-ball league will start up again.  I missed the last session due to a hand injury. So, I am super excited to get back in the saddle with this league.  I know the stakes have risen in this league, it’s going to be tougher, I’m going to have to be consistent and focused each and every week. But, given that the first night is the night before my pretty big Halloween party that I throw every year, I really need to keep my focus on the table for those few hours.

The problem is I haven’t touched a cue in about a month. I’ve had so many other things going on, coupled with dealing with the broken hand, that I just haven’t really been able to get any time at the table.  I’m sure I will do okay my first week, I generally seem to do pretty well right out of the gate, no matter how long it’s been since I played. I don’t know that I’ll win, but I expect it to be close, no matter who I play.  

So, tonight I’m going to get back on the table, just to get that old feel back a little bit.  I spent all last week watching the US Open, and wishing I had a table in my house.  Of course, right now, I’m trying to remember some of the shots I learned last week, but I’m sure they will come back to me when I need them.  I can’t decide if I should practice something specific tonight or if I should be go play the ghost and see how it goes.  I think I’ll play the ghost to see what shots seem to be giving me the most trouble and go from there.  I’d like to work on banks, but honeslty, cue ball control is more important, so I think I’ll stick with that.