This is going to be so freaking awesome!!! Below is the official press release from TAR:

The Action Report is excited to announce TAR 21: Pagulayan vs Van Boening on September 23-25. This epic match between two world class players is a continuation in their ongoing rivalry that has given us some of the best matches in recent times. 

In May of 2008 Shane and Alex played a race to 100 TAR match at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Shane dominated for the first two days and then Alex made what many have said was the best comeback performance ever. Down by 15 games on the final day he caught Shane at 92-92 and went on to win the match.

Since that day Shane has been waiting for his chance at a rematch and now it is here. 

The match is a race to 100, Ten Ball played on a nine foot Diamond table. It will take place in the new TAR Studio located in Las Vegas, NV. The match will be played September 23-25. Match play will begin at 7 PM Eastern each day. The format is that they will play the first day until one reaches thirty five wins, second day until one gets to seventy wins and finish the set on the third day. It is a $10,000 per man entry fee. Winner takes all.

You can watch the entire match live as it happens via streaming Pay Per View on . The price for the live coverage is $35 for a three day package or $15 per single day. The coverage will feature three camera coverage with camera operators to bring you all the angles. There will be a few seats available in the Studio but they will be extremely limited. Info on Studio seats will be available soon. The Pay Per View coverage will be available for purchase starting September 20. 

TAR would like to thank our match sponsors Kamui Tips, CueSports International, Diamond Tables and Spot Clothing for all of their help and support in making this epic rematch possible. Special thanks to David “Viffer” Peat for his help in putting the match together. We hope you will join us September 23-25 for what is sure to be a historic clash of two great champions.

Be sure to watch for updates and more info.