I’ve been taking a small break from pool the last month or so.  Several reasons for this, but none of them are worth going into here.  But, with the next session of my 9-Ball league starting up this week, I need to get back into things.  As luck (or fate) would have it, I’ve returned just in time to see the lead-up for a great match.  And it’s kind of ridiculous, Dippy is getting the 5, the breaks and ball in hand after the break – AND he has a designated breaker.

Dippy Dave vs Bartram is happening Tuesday.  Here’s an interview with Chris about the match:

And here’s an interview with Dippy – it’s actually a greally good interview.  Dave doesn’t really look like much, but if you don’t know, he’s won millions of dollars playing poker.  That’s what allows him to lose $100K to Scott Frost every couple of months. At the same time, he makes a lot of good points about pool players in general, and about gambling.

Lastly – this will be the inagural event in the brand new TAR Studio.

I’m really looking forward to many more matches in the new studio, the setup is great.