Here’s a drill I discovered last week and finally tried this weekend.  

The balls are actually reversed here, but the idea of the drill is this: Shoot the ball on the spot from each diamond position all the way around the table.  When you get to the headspot line, shoot it twice, once into each corner pocket (which is why there’s the 7 and 8 on that spot).

The drill was not terribly difficult, but I did not enforce the rules of “missing means starting over”; which should be followed. I really just wanted to get a feel for the drill first before enforcing all the rules.  However, after I ran through it a few times, I decided to try a variation of it.  For this I did actually set up the balls on the table

From each position, the goal was to scratch the cue ball into the lower corner pocket.  This took far more attempts to work all the way around the table than just making the object ball took.  

Give it a try and see what you think.  It’s important to know the scratch angles as well as how not to scratch. 🙂