So, the fates were again on my side Friday night.  I played pretty well, and after the spot of 2 games on the wire I gave to my opponent, I won the match 9-5.  Afterwards, we stayed and talked for a long while, and I explained to him some of the things that I do when I’m practicing. I showed him a number of practice drills and my practice notebook.  He’s about where I was 2 years ago, so it’s time for him either start being a student.  Then as we watched a few guys playing one pocket, he said he’d like to learn it, I offered to teach him.  I didn’t even make him pay for his lesson either, which he found shocking.  I didn’t let him pay for my time either.  I told him if we were gonna play for something, I would not make him play me even.  That’s just rude. heh.

But, the real fate part of the night was the the player currently in 1st place, Nikki, lost a match.  So, now she and I are both at 4-1, and tied for first.  Ironically, if we each win the rest of the session (4 weeks), we will have the *exact* same number of wins and actual wins (games won outside of the spot).  In which case, I have no idea what the league will do.  We don’t track any other stats, so my break’n’run won’t be counted.  Right now it would be my only saving grace, but since they’re not tracked… But, that’s getting quite a ways ahead of myself.  I can’t possibly “plan” on winning the next 4 matches.  Not when I have to give up weight 3 out of 4 those matches.  And *especially* since one of those matches, I’m giving 4 games on the wire!  That is going to be a tough, tough match for me.  It’s also the last match of the session – extra pressure. haha  I’m gonna eat it up though. Chew it up and spit it out.  It’s my new mental agenda for pressure.  So far, it’s been working pretty well.

In other news, I think I’m settled on a cuemaker for my first custom cue.  Mostly because I have been able to hit with one of his cues, and I’ve been talking with him for over a year.  Although he’s newer in the cue-making business, I know his history and with whom he studied.  He’s got more knowledge and experience than shows in his years.  Now, I just have to finalize the wood combos and start saving up.

In other – other news, I’m gonna try a Kamui BROWN tip on my OB-Classic Pro shaft.  The Black Super Soft currently on there is just too soft.  I’m playing really well with my black soft and like the medium-hardness tips.  I’ll be dropping the shaft off Friday and the Friday after I’ll get it back, since I’m in no hurry for it.

Lastly, there’s an 8-ball tournament on the 9′ tables Memorial Day weekend.  I don’t really play a lot of 8-ball, but I am excited to play in this.  It’s another midnight tournament, but now I know what to expect and I think I have a good idea on how to prepare for it.