Last night I hit the weekly tournament again.  I was running a little late, but got there in time to hit 2 racks before my first match.  I drew this guy named Casper; who I suspect is the very same who I’ve heard about from my other [ex]leaguemates.  I still didn’t care, I wanted to see this guy place.  I once was told when I asked how he played, point blank: “You can’t beat him.” Okay yeah, so I can’t beat a lot of people; that doesn’t tell me anything, thanks.  But that’s a different story.  So, we start off on our race to 7. He breaks dry, I run a few, get a bank on the 3 ball, with the CB running dead into the 9. I made the bank, but hung the 9.  Run a few more and play the 6-9 combo. Yay! First on the board!  Then, he gets the next 4.  I get another, and he gets 2, so now it’s 6-2.  I’m not sure what happened, but he let me back in, and I got to hill-hill. On the break, I made the 1 and 2, but was left with this nonsense.  I was feeling a bit extra cocky since I had just ran out the last 5, starting with a ridiculous cut shot in the previous rack.  I never should’ve played this, but I did and this is how it turned up:

Casper couldn’t believe it either.  I said he’s gotta shoot it – it’s a technicality of mine. Of course he drilled it.  

Incidentally, the ridiculous cut shot I made was this one:

I didn’t like the bank and I figured if I wrecked into the 5, it’s unlikely that I’ll leave it hanging.  I actually couldn’t believe it was able to hit this shot so well.

Anyway – after that, I to wait more than 2 hours before my next match.  It did not go well at all. I didn’t get to shoot to often, but when I did, I couldn’t around too much.  The first rack, he scratched on the 6, I took ball in hand, made the 6, got shape on the 7, and over-drew it straight into the corner pocket. *sigh* And that’s how the match went for me. I went down 5-1.  Oh well.

Afterwards, I went out to the Rail to hang out with Stephen; whom I haven’t played with in a long time.  While there, I sold him my extra Predator Air Jump cue, which I had originally bought from him about 8 months ago. haha We played a ring game with another guy I’ve heard about, Brian (Mc)Daniels. (Can’t remember if the Mc was there or not)  I started off well enough, up a few bucks, but the by the end of the night, I was down about 20. *sigh* I was always the underdog in that game, Steve shoots considerably straighter than I do – and Brian gives Steve weight, so… I was happy to make a few balls here and there.

I gotta start playing more though. This once or twice a week stuff is for the birds. I’m dying to make it past the first round of the weekly tournament. *sigh* Gotta keep the dogs out of the yard though.