So, after the break-cue fiasco of 2 weeks ago, I was somewhat disheartened by pool.  It’s like, well, if I can’t play with that new break cue, I don’t want to play at all.  It really doesn’t make sense, but that was something like the proverbial straw.  My game, recently, has really dropped off and it’s becoming very, very frustrating.  I was posting videos quite often in November, where I was running balls, running out, etc… Strangely, I haven’t ran out since then. I’m still winning (league), but it’s taking multiple innings.  My 9-ball game starts off okay, but then I lose focus somehow and about 2 hours later, I can’t run 3 balls. My 1P game has declined as well.  A guy I used to give 9-8, now beats me even with regularity.  I have some theories on this, and I’m working on it; but regardless. In November, my focus was stronger, my shotmaking was more solid, my aim was on and I was slicing balls all the way up and down the table.  There are a few reasons for my distractions – personal events and whatnot among them; but I should be able to put those things out of my mind when I’m on the table.  I think my stance has gotten lazy and my eye-location has been general.  It seems that when I when go play now, it’s more of a “something to kill some time” feeling. I don’t feel inspired, or dedicated, lately.

So, instead of forcing myself to play, I decided to take a week off.  It wasn’t a fully conscious decision, but as each day came and went, I just didn’t feel like going to shoot. I stayed home, relaxed, spent some quality time with my girl, and played a lot of COD: Black Ops.

I still read pool blogs, and watched pool videos, including the Derby City Classic PPV stream, thanks to Accu-Stats.  But I just didn’t feel like playing.  I did try to play Thursday, but it still didn’t feel right.  I shot some drills, and generally played 10-ball alone, trying to analyze my arm, my eyes, my stroke, my stance and see what felt different.  I found some things, but nothing really stood out as “AHHH-HAAA! That’s it!”.  At the end of the night, I felt like I hadn’t done anything. *sigh*

Now, league starts up again tomorrow night, so I’ll be back in the game, starting tonight.  Having the DCC stream up all day will (hopefully) get me a little pumped up for the tables tonight; although it’s 1P and Banks today; it’s still promising. 🙂

I guess we’ll see just how things go. 🙂

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