This is a huge special THANK YOU to Mike Fieldhammer from Billiard  After I posted a question on the AZ forums, he emailed me privately and answered a bunch of my questions; which lead to a bunch more questions.  We’ve been emailing back and forth for quite some time, and then the holidays came.  Shortly after they passed, we got back to business.  After everything, I decided to go with the Predator BK2 break butt with the OB Break Shaft; which has the Samsara tip. 

After that decision was made, I noticed he had a Predator Air jump cue in his store.  I currently have one of these already, but it has the default phenolic tip on it; which is going the way of the do-do in coming years. We talked about it a few emails, and turns out he can put a Samsara tip on that too.  🙂 

So, I decided to get both of those cues; with the intention on selling my existing break cue and my current Predator Air (both of which have buyers standing by).  Not only did Mike answer every one of my questions with plenty of informative details, alternative suggestions and reinforcement, and not only did he make me feel totally safe in giving this equipment a try by offering an equipment swap if I really hate it for some reason; but he also threw in some extras that were surprises to me when I opened the package! Extras like *joint protectors* and Blue Diamond chalk!!

Mike is a busy pool playing professional billiard coach; and if you get the chance to catch him at home, I highly encourage you to go to him for your next equipment purchase!!

Thanks again Mike!!