I’m posting this video because of the last week of pool, this is only thing worth posting.  However, this just goes to show how weird of a game pool can be.  Zack and I weren’t playing a race – just playing for a set period of time at a certain dollar amount per rack, and at the end of that time period we’d discuss if we wanted to continue.  I was giving him the 8 ball.  I based that spot on how I played the week prior against Asmir; which was to say I was counting on being in stroke and getting some rolls.  This particular night, wasn’t so much the case.  At this point in the match up, I’m down like 4 games, haven’t been able to run more than 3 balls all night. Definitely wasn’t getting much table love – at least not on the offensive end.  I was missing really well, leaving him hooked, etc, but he was leaving me on the rail when he missed (too much one pocket lately, I think).  Anyway, I manage to get a game, I break, send the CB flying, so he has ball in hand.  He miscues shooting the 1 somehow, and from out of nowhere, I run out!  It was very strange.  It was the only rack where I make it past 5 balls the entire night.  I end the night down 2 games, but this rack all by itself, made it worth it to me.

vs Zack Runout from Johnny101 on Vimeo.