This past weekend I matched up with Asmir again.  Overall, I did pretty decently, but nothing special.  I had a few runs, but only 1 run-out from the 2 sets we played.  You can watch it below.  The summary is that he broke, lost the cue ball off the table, and after negotiating the pattern from the 1 to the 2, I was able to figure out the rest of the rack pretty easily.  I did overshoot position on the 8 pretty badly, but was able to recover to make the 9 to win the rack and the set. 🙂

vs Asmir – Runout From the Break from Johnny101 on Vimeo.


My previous runout videos have all come during practice, so this is something of a “goal”… I ran out when it mattered, no do-overs, etc.  I had several 5 and 6 ball runs from the night, but would still lose position or jar a ball along the way somewhere.  Sometimes I was so sure I was out that I was immediately confused when a ball didn’t drop.

Sometimes, a little luck goes a long way too.  I was definitely getting the rolls most of the night.  Here’s a rack that’s one example. I get a nice roll/safety on the 1 with a slight masse shot.  Then later, after missing the 5 pretty badly, my opponent misses a combo leaving me a simple carom.  After the carom, I hit the 5 SO BAD it 2-rails and then kisses off the CB to drop in the pocket. heh Thanks definitely go to Fast Lenny for the shirt; it was highly appropriate.

vs Asmir – A Little Luck Always Helps from Johnny101 on Vimeo.

I’m not sure why the video stops there, I know I didn’t cut it off when I edited it, but oh well.  I do NOT scratch, as it looks like it might there at end.  The CB bounces off the rail and comes to rest in the center of the short rail area.

After we finished playing, I played Zack some one pocket.  First set I gave hime 9-8 and won three games in a row.  The next set I gave him 9-7 and couldn’t barely make a ball, he won 3-1.  At that point it was 2am, I had been up for about 20 hours so we called it quits for then.  I’ll post some 1P videos once I get through all of them and pick out the nice bits. heh