While playing around in a one-pocket match last night, I found myself in an awkward situation – I need both balls and my opponent has just missed the 1 ball, leaving me this with layout:

I first tried to shoot the 2 with the intention of the red-line path.  I got position, but I did miss the 2 ball.  After the game, I set up the shot again and tried it a number of times.  I found out that hitting the 4-railer was pretty consistent, almost moreso than the 1-railer.  I scratched a number of times on the 1-rail shot, but for each of those times, I also came up short off the 4-rail path.  I’m not sure which is the “better” way to try and focus on.  I know it’s good to have *both* shots in my arsenal, but if there’s one to practice more than the other, I don’t know it.

I have to wonder if I had subconsciously picked up this shot from watching Scott Frost trailers – this isn’t a shot I would ever think about.  Regardless of where it came from, I like it. A lot.

In other news: I’m watching the WPBA Atlanta Classic stream today, and it’s making me wanna go play pool tonight.  However, I can’t. I’m working a friend’s wedding tomorrow and I need to prepare for it.  So, no pool for me this weekend.  HOWEVER, there’s a local tournament on Sunday, 9-Ball, bar tables, races to 5 even, $10, split-quarters.  I’m tempted to try it, I *should* have a good chance at getting through the first few rounds, but … I’m just not sure how I feel about it yet.