It’s been a good week for me, it seems.  Although this isn’t a break’n’run, it is a run out after the break; which I don’t do too often.  I actually had 2 of these that night, but wasn’t recording the first time around.  I should know by now, if I want to record, do it all night, because it’s not like I can choose when I get a good layout to run out.  Oh well.  The rest of this night was pretty frustrating actually.  My break was *not* working at all, I was missing easy shots far too often, overall, it was a bad night. I was worried it might be, I was very tired, going on my 3rd day of not having enough sleep.  However, I got a few gems in the midst.

This was after a terrible break, I missed the 1 ball twice after that, then I got angry and hammered the cue ball into a cluster that rearranged the whole table and scratched.  Once things stopped rolling, I grabbed the cue ball from the pocket, took ball in hand and started my way through.  *WARNING* I blow position on the 8 pretty badly and I make it known; some very harsh words are said so if you’d rather not hear the F word 4 times in 2 sentences, turn the audio down.

9 Ball Runout from Johnny101 on Vimeo.

I realize I’ve been posting nothing but videos lately – and for that I’m sorry. I will get back to some real content very soon; I’m just really enjoying my new toy. 🙂