Last night, while playing some one pocket, I was left in this situation – then a guy (who consistently wins top player in our league) suggested this shot:

The weird thing is that I hit it pretty f’n good! Of course, I tried it a few more times on another table to see if I could learn it, but never made the 2-railer. But, the goal isn’t to make the ball, just to move it and try to get the CB far up table. Of course, this only works if your opponent has no balls on their side, as you can see, the CB heads to their side of the table.

The other weird thing is that the guy that suggested it is an older guy. In my experience, the older guys don’t come up with crazy shots like that, they play small moves and strategic – and they’re deadly at it. Of course, that particular shot is a flyer, no matter who you are – but if it goes… heh

I was at the pool room waaaay too late last night – and tonight is league night. *sigh* I have to start harnessing my “good vibes/chi” now since it’ll take all day with my limited available energy. On top of that is that I’m out of my breakfast protein shake, so not only did I not have breakfast, I didn’t have my vitamin, I only have a hot pocket to eat. *sigh*

I’d almost kill someone for another 3 hours sleep. (and a steak dinner)