So league was night, and it was probably my best night of 8-ball play ever. 

First off, during alone practice time, after hitting stroke shots warming up, then doing some positional drills to get a feel for the table, I racked the balls, broke, made a stripe ball and ran out!! I couldn’t believe it!  It’s only my 2nd ever time doing that. I was feeling good, so I decided to see if I could run the rest of the table (solids)… and I DID!! All 15 balls in a rack. I was happy. So, I went to sit down, drink some tea, have a smoke and enjoy the moment.  Then a teammate comes in and says “let’s go”.  Okay, he breaks, doesn’t make a ball.  I take some time deciding which suite is better, decide on solids… and start making my way through the rack. Before I know it, I’m on the 8… and down it goes!! 🙂 🙂 THAT’S TWO (2) FULL RACKS IN A ROW!! Oh man… I’m just thinking “wow, I gotta hold on to this.”  so, I sit out for a few rounds and let the other teammates play, since I had been there a while anyway.

League finally starts, I’m 2nd in line.  We lose our first match, then it’s my turn.  I lose the lag by a 1/4 inch.  My opponent breaks, makes a stripe, but scratches.  The table is wide open, no clusters, but almost everything is on one end of the table.  There’s a stripe in the jaws and another on the 1st diamond on the end rail.  Realizing that I absolutely should be out from here, I decide to take stripes.  I make the ball in the jaws, moving the ball on the head towards the other corner.  I make a few more balls narrowly navigating through the pack.  I overcut the 13, but his 2 ball gives me some help and pushes it in the pocket.  I continue my run.  2 more shots and I’m on the 8!  Deep breath, “shut up”, stroke. ker-plunk. Down goes the 8!!  My first ever league run-out! 

I will absolutely be the first to say I got some rolls that helped me out… but it’s part of the game.  Next time, I’ll make the balls clean. heh I ended the night going 3-0, although to be fair, the last two games were gimmies since my opponent missed his last ball and left the 8 in playable position. 

The tables at this particular bar were 8 foot tables, and we normally play on 7 footers.  I think this has something to do with it.  I’m more comfortable on the bigger tables, more room to navigate, etc.  I’m curious to see how/if this translates to 7 footers next week.  I’m still quite enjoying my night, as it set a few milestones for me.