Friday night I went out and was sorta hoping to find some a game. When I got to the pool hall there were 2 guys there playing each other, both of whom I’ve played before. I can’t believe I didn’t post an entry about my first action game of one-pocket! Anyway, for reference, the first time I ever played one pocket was in January, but that was only once in a while. I first played it with a guy, Rob, for cheap money in March. I’ve only been really liking and wanting to play/learn it since late April/early May. So, now that’s out of the way, lets get to the good stuff. After an hour or so of me playing 8-ball with some of the other kids, Rob and Ray finish up and Rob asks me to play some. I agree on an amount and that we’ll play even in 1P. He wins the 1st, I win the 2nd, he wins the 3rd, I win the 4th. Then he asks to double the bet, I agree. I win the next 2 racks. Then he starts complaining to other people that he needs weight from me and that he can’t beat me at 1P. WTF? I was shooting well, for sure – afterall, I saw, lined up and nailed this double bank:

But seriously? he’s complaining about needing weight? He knew I was decent competition two months ago when we first played – and broke even. Then I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing. Anyway, he wants to change the game to 8-ball, and I really don’t. He doesn’t want to play 10-ball, after I say that it’s a no-slop game. Call-shots, like the WPA. Fine, I’ll do a race for the amount I’m up from the 1P games. He wins the first rack; breaks dry and scratches on the 2nd rack. I RUN OUT!! That made me really excited – apparently too excited. I don’t think I made a ball the next 5 racks. I lose that race, and the 2nd one. I ask to change the game, he says he can’t beat me at 1P, I say I could give him 9-8, but it’s not like was running 8 and out on him before, it was always close. He doesn’t want it. He suggests 9-ball, and I said okay, but a short race for half the bet, since it’s 9-ball and accounting for slop. Well, long story short – he becomes a banger and just fires at everything – and its working out for him. I’m getting nothing in return, and he’s slowly getting more chips on the wire. He wins that race and I say I’m done. At that point I’d been up for about 20 hours and I could really feel myself running out of steam. I knew it was bad when he missed a 9 and left it around the 1×1 diamond cross in front of the pocket – and I miss it. Woof Woof – hiya doggie.

Lessons learned: (*)Stick with the game you feel good about. (*)Take your break when things aren’t going your way. (*) Run out when you’re supposed to make them pay when they miss. (*)Bring healthy snacks to keep energy and focus levels high.

I have to mention this because it’s been a popular topic on AZB lately, he was really throwing a fit during our 1p games, because he didn’t have his headphones and had to deal with the rest of the pool hall noises. This makes me glad I’ve never tried to seclude myself with headphones, I don’t want to depend on them.