So, as of this morning, my weekend plan is to take off after work and head down to a 9-ball tournament with some leage-mates.  It’s a smaller tournament and we have a few similar ones locally, so I’m not entirely sure why we’re traveling for this, but we are.  The mere fact we’re traveling has my brain building this thing up into something larger than it should be.  Considering my month-long streamnig rant about mental power, this is really frustrating me.  It doesn’t help the weather here is awful.  I’m a sun-fueled kinda guy, and it’s been raining for a week. But I digress.  I’ve never been to this place before, the town or the pool hall as a matter of fact, but my teammates have.  It’s bar-box 9-ball, but they claim the tables are some of the best bar tables they’ve ever played on.  That’s encouraging at least.

Now… how to pass the day and keep a positive attitude for tonight’s events.  I wanted to get to bed early last night, but that didn’t exactly happen.  I feel good, sleep-wise, but it’s possible I’ll be playing (or at least in queue) from 7:30 till 2am tonight.  I got up at 6:30 this morning for work.  So, at the end of the tournament, I will have been up for nearly 20 hours.  I’m not Scott Frost or Eddie Felson.  I do love playing, and I have played well after being up for that long before, but not in a tournament situation before.  We’ll see how it goes. 

Overall, I expect to go and have fun and try to learn from the experience.  For example, I’ve never participated in a Calcutta – which apparently is part of the reason we’re going, the local events don’t do one I guess.  I’m trying to not expect to finish at any certain place, but it’s hard when the stories you hear lend themselves to positive results.  I’m looking forward to this as a good test – it’s timing is in-line with semester finals, so this will be my spring pool final I guess.  If I can harness all the stuff I’ve learned over the last 2 months, I should do fairly well, but we’ll see how the balls roll.

So, I’m going to try and keep my brain occupied today by watching some 9-ball vids in the BClub channel on youtube – but I have to watch them on my phone, since YT is blocked at work. heh. YAY DROID!