I’m always be looking for ways to improve my game and one of those ways is to put myself in pressure situations.  Lately, when I’ve been feeling good, I’ve had the idea to play people for some small amount of money just to add a little bit of pressure – but that, strangely enough, hasn’t really panned out too well.  Meaning, I can’t find opponents that are comparable to my level.  They’re either far above me or considerably below.  As such, I’m looking for tournaments, small local events primarily.  There are a few weekly events available, but I’m leery of them.  Mainly because they’re all on barboxes, and I don’t play as well on them as I do on the 9fts. 

Well, I’ve decided that I must put those equipment limitations away otherwise I’ll never get any training.  There’s only the hope of a random 9ft open tournament twice a year and I want to do more than that, so I must adapt my playing appropriately.  If I’m to be a good all-around player as I want to become, I must be able to adapt to the table – both in size, speed and reflections. 

I’m not sure that I’ll make the weekly tournament for this week since I’m currently pretty sick right now, but next week there is a very big tournament.  A Midwest 9-ball Tour stop happening at The Break, over in Cahokia, IL.  I’ll be attending probably as a spectator since I’m not sure I feel prepared to take on some of the big names that will show up.  I’d like to go tonight, if only to watch, but I know that I’ll end up staying there all night and I just don’t feel good enough, physically, to do that.  I would love to get out of the house though. heh

In the meantime, I’m going back to watching the Diamond 10-Ball Championships happening at the Super Billiards Expo down in Valley Forge right now!