So, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a new cue.  I like my Lucasi, but I’m for sure going to replace the shaft.  Well, for the cost of a new shaft plus a little more I can get a new cue – and if I go custom, I can get a damn nice cue.

Today I hit with a Carolina Custom sneaky pete and while I don’t like the look of a sneaky pete, the cue hit pretty darn well.  The standard shaft had less deflection than my current Lucasi too.  The butt felt good and solid and the ping was very audible – it sounded like a real cue.  They even have one in the wood colors I want: Cocobolo. 🙂

Now, Samsara Custom has a line of what they call “BarCue”; meaning they aren’t decked out in elephant ivory and hand-laid inlays, etc.  Which is just fine for me, I don’t care about that stuff, and honestly, I hate the idea of paying for it.  They, too, have a Cocobolo cue in this for around the price I was hoping to stay under/around.

Tomorrow, if I remember, I’ll ask about them because I’m pretty sure there’s a Samsara custom in one of the cases.  They have a unique design pattern on their true customs which I remember seeing on an end-cap the other day.  Their designs are actually some of my favorite, as far as curb-appeal goes, but I can’t spend the $2,000-4,000 for one of those.

Has anyone reading this ever played with either?