So, I’m a programmer by day and as such, I like tracking things… like progress.  I also like writing utilities to do it for me.  I’ve long read that keeping a practice log is a great way to measure long-term progress, and I’ve been trying to do that diligently, some weeks moreso than others, but still, I have a notebook with stats being tracked.

Well, rather than trying to flip through the pages to see how I’ve done, I decided to build a little web-app where I can enter each rack and the stats for it.  Then later I can run reports on average number of shots per rack, racks per match, balls missed, high run, etc.  This part is done already, I just need to enter the info from the notebook and start analysis.

Today I’m adding a second part specific to drills: which drill, how many attempts, how many shots to get through it, and was it completed properly. 

All of this would make playing a lot easier if I had someone else to count shots and whatnot, I keep losing count when I really focus on the game; but if I keep count, then I lose focus. *sigh*