Tony Robles and Gail Glazebrook at Riverbend Billiards (Pictures)

Friday night, I had the great pleasure of meeting both Tony Robles and Gail Glazebrook.  If you've read this blog at all, you know I've been very... [More]

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Tony Robles and Gail Glazebrook July 9th in Saint Louis!!!

I really... really hope that people will spread this around! Tony Robles, aka 'The Silent Assassin' and Gail Glazebrook will be in the area THIS WE... [More]

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Kiss of Death

This is a supporting entry for fellow Pool Synergy author, Gail Glazebrook and her team "Kiss of Death". What that team is doing is what I personally ... [More]

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Pre-shot Routine and the Mental Game

One thing I noticed during the tournament a few weeks back was that I don't always play my own game.  Even though I had told myself before I got ... [More]

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Scatterbrains, Tournament, Ring Games and One Pocket

I've loaded up the 'New Entry' screen 5 times in the last 2 days, and yet I've posted nothing.  The reason for that is because a) I have fleeting... [More]


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Know Your Limits

This is really a PSA for all those up and coming hustlas out there.  Know your limits. Last night, after league I saw a guy who's rated a 5 play ... [More]

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New Toys. Thanks PoolDawg!

I received my order from PoolDawg yesterday. :) I got tired of always keeping my chalk in my pocket, so I finally got a pocket-chalker.  It was e... [More]


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Getting Stronger

While I actually did none of the things I had hoped to this weekend, it was still a pretty good weekend.  Friday night was the only time I had to... [More]


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The Science of Choking

We've all done it.  Finally made it through the field of players to at last face your own personal quest opponent.  This opponent is stronge... [More]

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Some Action Shots

I had a friend take some pics last night just because I realized I have no pics of me playing. Someday I'll get the time to go with my strobes and do... [More]


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