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I did some analysis on my web stats and I'm quite surprised at the amount of traffic I'm getting.  They don't stay long, but more than half visit... [More]


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Year End Review and New Year's Thoughts

So, it's that time of year again and the "what did I do this year" question is looming large.  So, I had a review of my goals for this year, whic... [More]

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Random Thoughts (Dr. Cue Classic, League, General Play)

The biggest news I have is that I attended the finals of the Dr. Cue Classic IV tournament last weekend.  I got to meet Florian aka "Venom" and D... [More]

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Johnny Archer and Nick Varner - in St. Louis?!!?

So, nothing is even close to being in stone - it's not even mud right now - but there's a chance that these two legends will be here, in St. Louis, in... [More]


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Eye Location - A Reasonable Breakthrough

I've been quiet around here lately, mostly because I haven't been overly inspired by anything.  I will say that I have been working on my break a... [More]

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Fancy Shot I Discovered.

While playing around in a one-pocket match last night, I found myself in an awkward situation - I need both balls and my opponent has just missed the ... [More]


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[Pool Synergy] What's In The Case?

This month's issue of Pool Synergy is taken directly from Samm Diep's What's in the Case series of interviews.  Here's what you'll find in J&... [More]


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A Mental Breakthrough!

I'm really excited about pool today!  I had something of a slap in the face of reality which turns out, was exactly what I think I needed.  ... [More]


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The Tell-Tale Sign

So, after last week's post about needing to get more practice, I didn't actually make that goal.  What did I do? I made an all-around game with a... [More]

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Who Said Pool Players Don't Care?

I just witnessed something really awesome...  A well known person on the AZB forums posted about a "chance to live a dream" situation which requi... [More]


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