APA League - Maybe

So, I've met a number of new locals at a bar that I visited for the first time over the weekend.  The place is living APA commercial, and some of... [More]

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I Played Scotch Doubles With Tony Robles!

This is just too damn cool!  I have a long video where you can watch Gail Glazebrook, Tony Robles, myself and another local Alan all playing, but... [More]

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Softly Back in the Saddle

Last Friday, I went up to the pool hall and decided to see how things would go playing on the big tables, after nearly 2 months away.  And for so... [More]

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Well, that's that then.

I broke my right hand yesterday. No pool for at least 5 weeks. :( This makes me very sad.


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A Sad Day

Last night, I went up to my usual pool and saw this:   That makes me very sad.  Guess I'll become a more regular patron of Ride the Rail... [More]


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I Got A Write-Up!

I can't remember right now if I posted the video with a strange and hilarious one-pocket shot that happened to me a few weeks back.  Anyway, long... [More]

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To League Or Not To League

... that is the question. Last week, after my horrible league performance, I had a talk with my team captain and the decision was made to let me go. ... [More]

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Forest For The Trees - Clusters

Last night, I went to back to the pool hall the first time in a week.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I was tired all day long, and I had to... [More]

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Proverbs: Take A Week Off

So, after the break-cue fiasco of 2 weeks ago, I was somewhat disheartened by pool.  It's like, well, if I can't play with that new break cue, I ... [More]


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Johnny Archer & Nick Varner in St. Louis Feb 8th!!

I am so excited about this!  Here's the flyer for the event!  Pass this on/out to everyone!!!


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