I've been sparring with some new people lately they are perfect examples of how I want to play the game. Confident and consistent. They make the game ... [More]

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The Problem with Diamonds

After playing for 4 straight days on the most wonderful tables (9-foot Diamond Pro-Am), I realized something.  There's a real problem with them.&... [More]

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TAR 39 - SVB vs Efren Reyes

This is all I have to say about this: Shane Van Boening won the last All Around against Efren Reyes in TAR 34 . Efren offered to play again with his ... [More]

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Happy New Year 2014

I, for one, am quite glad to see 2013 firmly in the history books.  Though it was a great year in some aspects, it was a horrible year in others.... [More]

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Rollercoaster ... Of Stroke

Just the other week I posted about how I had found (again) my stroke and how I was so excited to have it back, that my game went up, I had newfound co... [More]

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On Meltdowns

This past Monday was my in-house league night.  I'll spare the details of the match and sum it up saying that I lost, not terribly, I got to 7 (g... [More]

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An Honest Reflection

I played some of the worst pool I've played in a while on Thursday and Friday last week. Thursday I lost an APA Masters match on the hill to a gu... [More]

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Just Some Inspiration

While scrolling through the forums over on AZB, someone posted a couple inspirational images.  Considering what happened at league last night, I ... [More]


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APA NTC Vegas Review

I'm not really sure how to wrap up a week in Vegas in a single post.  So, I'll just mention a few of the highlights (and lowlights). Our team won... [More]

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Bonus Ball on Hiatus

I just read over on AZBilliards that Bonus Ball/WPBL has to put everything on hold due to financial restrictions.  This is quite upsetting.&... [More]


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