Monthly Video Analysis

This weekend, I decided to record as much playing as I could so I could watch myself and pick out shots and patterns that both worked and more importa... [More]

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The Tell-Tale Sign

So, after last week's post about needing to get more practice, I didn't actually make that goal.  What did I do? I made an all-around game with a... [More]

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Breaking, 9-Ball and One Pocket

I was able to get to the pool hall just once this week.  As luck (sorta) would have it, there was no one there which meant I could finally give t... [More]

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A Story of Action and Dogs

Friday night I went out and was sorta hoping to find some a game. When I got to the pool hall there were 2 guys there playing each other, both of who... [More]

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Scatterbrains, Tournament, Ring Games and One Pocket

I've loaded up the 'New Entry' screen 5 times in the last 2 days, and yet I've posted nothing.  The reason for that is because a) I have fleeting... [More]


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9-Ball Tournaments

So, as of this morning, my weekend plan is to take off after work and head down to a 9-ball tournament with some leage-mates.  It's a smaller tou... [More]

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Getting Stronger

While I actually did none of the things I had hoped to this weekend, it was still a pretty good weekend.  Friday night was the only time I had to... [More]


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Midwest 9-Ball Tournament

Today is the Midwest 9-Ball Tour stop at The Break in Cahokia, IL.  Should be a great time.  I'll be posting updates via twitter throughough... [More]


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More Tournaments

More Tournaments [More]

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More Kicking

More Kicking [More]

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