Scotch Doubles 10-Ball - WINNER!!!

So, this weekend was a Scotch Doubles 10-ball event.  I was already planning on attending, since I was running the stream for the event, but wasn... [More]

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Training Update: Rail Workout

Sunday I sparred with a guy who's been kicking my ass for a while and that trend continued.  It showed me a couple of things though, which is the... [More]

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NAPA and APA Updates

A couple of quick things: 1) Below you will find my match played on the streaming table at NAPA Nationals.  I think my original review of the mat... [More]

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Sparring With Focus

In an effort to get prepared to avenge my poor performance at the midwest 9-ball tournament last week, I matched up with a friend who has won or place... [More]

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Happy New Year 2014

I, for one, am quite glad to see 2013 firmly in the history books.  Though it was a great year in some aspects, it was a horrible year in others.... [More]

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On The Snap

(Vincent) Last week something awesome happened with my stroke. I rediscovered my *snap*. I hadn't realized it was gone until it showed up again, which... [More]

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Just announced on the TAR Facebook page: After years of false starts and dead ends TAR On Demand is here. First video available is TAR 34: Efren Re... [More]

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2013 Derby City Classic Review

I'm not even sure how to try to write a review on the DCC. I can summarize it easily: AWESOME. But to go much beyond that could prove quite the chal... [More]

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Break and Run - On Video!!

I *finally* got a break and run on video last week.  I was playing really well that whole week (minus a super bad night Wednesday).  Friday ... [More]

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A Nice Run

I had a league make-up match the other night, and while I still lost the match, I did catch a nice little grove in the middle.  Here's 2 quick ra... [More]

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