The Turnaround

A lot of things happened over the past couple weeks.  First off, my NAPA team finished in 1st place in 8-ball and 2nd place in 10-ball.  I h... [More]

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Facing a Mountain

On Monday I found myself on the short end of the pool gods' favor. Every shot was tough, every layout was tough, and every miss by my opponent seemed ... [More]

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I've been sparring with some new people lately they are perfect examples of how I want to play the game. Confident and consistent. They make the game ... [More]

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APA US Amateur Prelim Tournament Review

This past weekend I played in a local qualifier for the APA US Amateur tournament.  While I don't have a lot of interest in going to the regional... [More]

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The Problem with Diamonds

After playing for 4 straight days on the most wonderful tables (9-foot Diamond Pro-Am), I realized something.  There's a real problem with them.&... [More]

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On Meltdowns

This past Monday was my in-house league night.  I'll spare the details of the match and sum it up saying that I lost, not terribly, I got to 7 (g... [More]

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I'm Broken

Something is broken. Aside from my confidence, that is. After the Masters match,which I lost 3-7, I played (and won) the standard APA match the follo... [More]

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Consistent Variations

The mantra of this blog (even moreso in my twitter) in the last several months has been a lack of consistency. Not even from week to week, but day by... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour (Feb 2013)

I haven't been feeling overly confident with my game these last few months (one of the reasons I haven't been recording matches), but I decided to hea... [More]

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Working It Out

I ignored my adult responsibilities last night and instead went to play pool for about 4 hours.  It's been so long since I just played, by myself... [More]

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