The Bitter Sweetness of Loss

Last week in APA Masters league, I played as good as I have in a while... until I got WAY ahead of my opponent.  I'll get to that later, first I ... [More]

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The Most Amazing Shot I've Seen

During the finals of the one pocket event this weekend, Joey Gray, whose pocket is the top left here, was faced with this layout:  After looking... [More]

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On Meltdowns

This past Monday was my in-house league night.  I'll spare the details of the match and sum it up saying that I lost, not terribly, I got to 7 (g... [More]

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9-Ball Top Gun (FL2012) Tournament Review

I'll spare you all the gory details of the terrible tournament I played in Saturday, and just pony up that I went 2 and out. Yes. It's extremely disa... [More]

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