Knowing the Cue Ball Path

People are always talking about the importance of knowing tangent lines and they're absolutely right.  However, what they tend to overlook are th... [More]

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Shot of the Match [Masters 9-Ball]

Last night was APA Masters league and I got to play one of my teammates with whom I'm going to Vegas next month.  We've only ever practiced befor... [More]

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Midwest 9-Ball Tour Review (Nov 2012)

Last weekend I took another plunge and drove out to Olathe, KS for the Midwest 9 Ball Tour stop at Shooter's.  It's just over a 4 hour drive to g... [More]

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A Nice Run

I had a league make-up match the other night, and while I still lost the match, I did catch a nice little grove in the middle.  Here's 2 quick ra... [More]

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