Tournament Review

Last night I hit up my first weekly tournament over at The Break.  It's a $10 entry, no handicap, double elimination, races to 7 on winner's side... [More]

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The Return of Dead Stroke

It's a little early to make any solid judgements, but the last two times I went to play, I played barbox 9-ball in preparation for the weekly tourname... [More]

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To League Or Not To League

... that is the question. Last week, after my horrible league performance, I had a talk with my team captain and the decision was made to let me go. ... [More]

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Videos From The Weekend

Friday night, I decided to go play a bit, since I hadn't actually played since Monday.  It was an alright evening, and the pool hall was pretty d... [More]

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Missouri State 9-Ball Championship

This is really just an FYI more than anything else. Missouri 2011 State 9-Ball Championship Billiards of Springfield 541 East St. Louis Street Sprin... [More]

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Pool is unpredictable

I'm posting this video because of the last week of pool, this is only thing worth posting.  However, this just goes to show how weird of a game p... [More]

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A More Realistic Representation

I've been posting a lot of videos lately, most of which are examples of my best playing - however, to keep this blog honest I decided to post up some ... [More]

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More 9 Ball Action Videos

This past weekend I matched up with Asmir again.  Overall, I did pretty decently, but nothing special.  I had a few runs, but only 1 run-out... [More]

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Raj Hundal's Thoughts on the US Open

This is a great interview... harsh, and brutally honest. I'm sure it's shocking to see one of the pro's talking like this, but I think it needs to br... [More]

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Some 9 Ball Action (with video)

So, Friday I was contemplating what I wanted to do... hit the usual place and just bang some balls, maybe practice a bit and see who shows up. Or I hi... [More]

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