Break and Run - Twice!

Last night I had APA Masters league, and it was the best night of pool I've had in ... well, almost ever.  I wish, I WISH I would've recorded it.... [More]

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Getting Called Out

I realize it's been a while since my last post, but I've been pretty busy between the day job, three leagues and housework/prep for Halloween (which I... [More]

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Confidence On The Bar Table

Last Wednesday was the first night of the APA bar league on my new team.  In 9-ball, I'm rated at a 7 right now (was an 8 for a short while, but ... [More]

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Getting The Feel Back

With all my leagues starting up next week, the last 2 weeks were something of a small break and gave me time to get some practice in.  I talked e... [More]

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Working It Out

I ignored my adult responsibilities last night and instead went to play pool for about 4 hours.  It's been so long since I just played, by myself... [More]

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Lots of League Updates

Since the heated tables post, there has been a lot of pool played.  The day after that league, I played the C&C league and played pretty damn... [More]

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Heated Tables

So, last night was my first session of APA Masters league.  It was at this bowling alley that has some 50's style tables (can't remember the make... [More]

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APA League Review (2nd week)

I've been so damn busy with everything else that I haven't had time to do much posting.  So, to summarize:  2 weeks ago I played my first AP... [More]

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Just some thoughts

Well, league hasn't been all that great lately. I lost to a guy I shouldn't lose to, because I missed THREE 9 balls - and he won by 3 games. So, I abs... [More]

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League Review - Break and Run Style!

Friday, as usual, was league night. I have to say, I played pretty damn well. My opponent was struggling a little, and since we're friends outside of ... [More]

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